Input / Controls

Each input has two functions, primary and secondary. For example, the directional pad (dpad) primary function is walk. The dpad secondary function is run. The left button (red) primary function is inventory, while secondary is drop mode. The right button (green) primary function is context sensitive: pick up objects, enter the staircase, search for traps, or enter a town store. The right button secondary mode is to repeat last inventory command (for repeat digging, or wand zapping). When presented with a menu, green button confirms a choice while red button is cancellation.

Physical Technique

Tap the screen with a single finger to access primary functions. Use two fingers on the screen to access secondary functions. For me, I hold the center of the dpad with my left hand, and tap the buttons on the right. When running, I hold the area below green button with one hand, and tap the dpad using the left.

Other Touch Sensitive Areas

The gameplay area primary function is look at an object or monster. The gameplay area secondary function is to adjust camera zoom.

Players stats may be examined in detail with single tap.

A fullscreen dungeon map is available by tapping the minimap.

A rotation lock button is next to the minimap and on the left.

A message history button is next to the minimap and on the right.

Special Situations

Quirks (experimental)

What is this -more- text?

Tapping the center of the dpad is an acknowledgement of gameplay transitions, more events are about to occur! Preserving this mechanic keeps the gambling vibe of original moria, drawing your attention to special events like a critical strike or a spell being cast.